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Mold Inspection

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Five point inspection

Mold Inspection Process

Step 1

We send a certified technician to the property to do a five point inspection

Step 2

He will do a visual inspection of the suspect area looking for possible for signs of water intrusion that may have led to mold growth or conditions conducive to mold growth

Step 3

He will take air samples and/or swab samples in the affected areas. These samples are taken to an independent laboratory for a detailed analysis. The lab technician will count the particles in the samples to determine relative quantity of mold and other particles inside and outside your home

Step 4

We take non-invasive moisture level measurements and when called for we use infrared cameras to help determine sources of moisture

Step 5

We photo-document the sample areas and the samples themselves as well as the conditions at the time of the inspection

Step 6

A "Chain of Custody" document is used to document the sample process and disposition from beginning to the point where the samples are delivered to the lab

In as little as 24 hours, we provide you with a detailed report and lab results. This report will advise on:

(1) whether there is a mold contamination;
(2) severity of mold growth;
(3) the recommended remediation steps to remove the mold;
(4) instructions to prevent mold from reoccurring along with picture details, and infrared images when used.

To summarize, this includes air testing, and/or swab sampling, water intrusion inspection, moisture level measurement, photographs of mold sources, internal/external mold particle comparison, infrared technology, damage assessment, and a detailed report summarizing lab results as well as recommended cure steps. Our service is intended to provide you with a thorough understanding of the conditions in your home.

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