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Commercial Inspection

Save thousands of dollars in repair cost

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We have inspected millions of square feet of commercial property in the past 10 years; likely more commercial properties than any inspection company in Las Vegas. Check out our gallery of commercial properties inspected and you’ll see hundreds of commercial buildings. We’ve inspected small casinos, bowling alleys, dozens of shopping strips, dozens of office buildings, several dozen commercial residential apartment buildings, motels, grow facilities, warehouses, escape rooms, tattoo parlous, bars and pubs, you name it, we’ve inspected it.
From retail shopping centers to motels and airplane hangars. We’ve done just about every type of commercial structure.
Call for an exact price quote: 702-722-2222.In Northern Utah: 801-200-9006
Remember, if shopping for the lowest price on your home inspection, the cheapest price usually represents the least experienced inspector.The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the joy of low price is forgotten.

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